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I find it hard to make decisions.

I am not quite sure why. So I am trying to figure it out here.

I want a successful blog but I don't want anyone to read it.

I am in a mastermind group and we meet every Wednesday. By mastermind group, I mean one former coworker who is also trying to make it. And we have met twice on Skype. But everything on a blog is all about the story. So, my mastermind group, is a boy with a girl's name. I met him when we were in our young 20s working for a horrible, corporate machine. He wore a tie that had a block of cheese on it. He also got fired. Details. 

One of things he is encouraging me to do is post my blog to my personal Facebook. 


Is he insane? I don't want people I know to read my blog!


Yes, I know how crazy I sound. In my perfect world I would blog, speak and life coach full-time. That may be a problem if I don't want anyone to read this. There are a million reasons I want some privacy. I want to dissect my current relationships here and I would never want to hurt the people in my life by processing my feelings (and extreme moods) on this blog. What I am describing is a dairy - and that only helps myself.

I want to be able to share truly intimate parts of myself in my writing but being a Scorpio and a serial single, intimacy for me is much better in complete anonymity. And online dating.

So, if your found your way here from my Facebook page - Cheese Tie was right. Sharing is part of the process, and so here I am sharing. Welcome.

Everything is messy.

The anxiety about having anxiety.