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I find it hard to make decisions.

I am not quite sure why. So I am trying to figure it out here.

A Change of Heart

I wrote back in July, that I wanted a successful blog but I didn't want anyone to read it. But I have had a change of heart. I do want you to read it. I think this could be something, it has been on my mind and heart for the past decade. It doesn't need anymore brainstorming or wishing or planning or hoping. It needs action. So you may have found yourself here from my Social Media. Welcome! I have always been so scared to share it with my nearest and dearest but now seems like best time. 

Something about sharing my innermost thoughts seems so scary. It's way easier to send my words out to the vast internet to millions of stangers. In the spirit of living a bolder life and following my word of the year, trust, here it is. My blog, my brand, my step to curate a life that fits me. 

Now that the decision has been made. I cannot wait!! I want to hear your feedback and have actual conversations! I would love to hear about your dreams and your struggle to make decisions. If you are newbie blogger - let's talk.  

I worry about what you will think. How you will perceive me. What you are judging. Really, it's none of my business, but since I am sharing my inner thoughts I can justify it. But, I am an amazing story teller - so here it is. 


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Holding the Key

Random Thoughts for a New Year