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I find it hard to make decisions.

I am not quite sure why. So I am trying to figure it out here.

14 Days of Self-Trust Recap. AKA Day 14.

Let’s do a quick recap of the last 14 (ish) days and where we are and where we’ve been.


Day 1: Resolution Recap: Answer these 5 questions.

Day 2: No Background Noise. Spend you day without the sounds of music, Netflix, media, etc.

Day 3: Brain Dump.

Day 4: Clear your calendar.

Day 5: Put a big decision on hold for 3 months.

Day 6: No self-help.

Day 7: Eye Contact Challenge

Day 9: My Favorites.

Day 10: Squad Goals?

Day 11: How do you get out of a bad mood?

Day 12: Sunday Funday. Doing what you want.

Day 14. Happy Valentine’s Day.


Okay, so it wasn’t perfect. I would love to know which ones were easy and which ones were hard? And which ones you avoided?


After this mini challenge, send me your definition of self-trust.

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14 Days of Self Trust. Day 12.