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I find it hard to make decisions.

I am not quite sure why. So I am trying to figure it out here.

14 Days of Self Trust. Day 6.

Day 6 is no self-help media until the end of the challenge.


Honestly, when I considered doing some sort of self-trust/self love/decision making challenge I thought about doing a self-help ban.


It’s a confusing statement because, could I be considered self help? Jon Acuff brought up some thoughts about if self-help works – then why is the industry booming?


Here’s the problem, I take advice very seriously, I take rules very seriously. Often, I find myself not listening to my inner voice and listening to the advice/self help/noise of those around me. It was in late 2015, I was unhappy in my job and I was listening to self-help podcasts and reading non-stop. I was absorbing so much, taking in so much - of other people’s thoughts and feelings. I realized I hadn’t read any fiction that year. Just other people’s advice. It felt wrong.


That feels so strange to say that. Because I LOVE a self help podcast or book. I have learned so many great things from books and media.


I need to have a solid foundation myself, before I take on the barrage of people telling me how I should do it. Before I take those things into my mind and heart and obsess over them. I obsess over Penelope Trunk saying if your career isn’t solid by 30, it never will be. I obsess over millions of “How to Start a Blog” articles that talk about finding your target client/reader or finding your niche and writing only on that. Those are pieces of advice that have truly crippled me.


Add self-help to the throngs of people in my life trying to tell me what to do, how to feel and how to live. It’s exhausting. It is one of the biggest reasons that I feel stunted when making decisions.


I wanted to explain – I don’t think self-help is bad. I LOVE Penelope Trunk’s blog and over half of the podcasts I listen to regularly are self-help.  But, obsessing or listening to self-help above your own thoughts is bad. So this week we are taking a break.


So, no self-help materials until the end of the challenge. All of the media you consume is for entertainment only. Tell me what you will be listening to or reading instead. My podcast recommendations: My Favorite Murder, Criminal or Serial. 

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