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I find it hard to make decisions.

I am not quite sure why. So I am trying to figure it out here.

14 Days of Self Trust: Day 10.

You are getting drinks with your girlfriends. You send the text.


Hey, I am going for a drink after work? Who’s with me?




I’m Down


When and Where?


How about Cheers?




I cant go there, I made a fool of myself last time we went there.


Is that downtown?


How about Central Perk? 


Too Expensive


Too Far




Okay fine, MacLaren’s 6pm.


That works for me.


Okay, I can make that work.


Pilates starts at 5:30. I will be late


See how your decision spins out of control. See how your squad now makes a group decision on the drink you wanted to get. There is a time an a place to be agreeable and flexible but it's any easy example of how others could weaken your wants and desires.


It happens when you tell someone an amazing business idea that you are super passionate about and they respond

Hm, but would really make enough money doing that?


It when you decide to go back to weight watchers and you share with your friends and they respond

but it didn’t work for you last time

or it’s so expensive.


With every differing opinion you resolve dissolves.


This is not to say don’t share things or avoid leaning on others. It is perfectly fine to reach out for support or help. Just think about the difference between the above conversation and the one below.


I am going for a vodka soda at Cheers at 6. See you if I see you.





Catch you next time.





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