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I find it hard to make decisions.

I am not quite sure why. So I am trying to figure it out here.

The Utter Stupidity of a Pro/Con List

Huge Gilmore Girl’s fan here. When the new episodes came out Thanksgiving 2016, I was all in. I liked most of it – I didn’t like Rory. She made the quarter life crisis so gross. Beyond treating her boyfriend like shit (was that suppose to be cute? It didn’t play) diving head first into an affair and treating Lane as a disposable friend, I expected better.


But lets go way back – back to when Rory was looking at colleges and that epic Ivy League pro/con list and how the world has made that seem like a great idea.


Here is a life hack - from me, to you: pro/con lists will never work. Even if you have the most analytical mind or the decision barely matters to you – pro/con lists are garbage.


-It pretends that all ideas and items are equal. The longer list is the one that ‘wins’

-It tries to take emotion out of the situation – emotion will never be out of the situation

- It seems like you are working toward a solution, but really it means nothing

-It ignores the idea that both decisions could be wrong or that there are other options you are not considering.


Here are some better choices when trying to answer those burning questions that you are trying to fit into 2 columns.

If you are pro/coning your relationship. Let it go. It speaks volumes that you chose a lame piece of paper over therapy.

If you are pro/coning your move. Try to remember the feeling when you initially thought about this move. Try to push through the dread, potential work, fear of change and remember how you felt. For example – if your boss told said:

‘Hey – we are requiring you to move for your current position.’

Were you thrilled? Or deflated? Adding ‘professional football team’ on this stupid list is not going to make the decision any easier.


The real reason that pro/con lists are not working is because you already know the answer. So this list is really pretending to figure out what you should do. What you should do is listen to yourself. Even if it is the wrong decision – you know it came from you.


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