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I find it hard to make decisions.

I am not quite sure why. So I am trying to figure it out here.

10 Podcasts I am Obsessed With

I am getting old, because I don't know anyone on the radio. I was trying to watch the Grammy's a few months ago and I recognized maybe 20% of the nominees. It doesn't bother me, it is just something that you realized one day, you have aged out of the current, trendy celebs. The other reason is - I never listen to the radio because I am obsessed with podcasts. This are my VIPS, the best of the best. I would love to hear your favs. I do think I am a missing a real Christian podcast - I am not sure if it exists, but if you know a good one - send it my way. 


My Besties

Bitch Sesh

There have been so many mornings that I have bribed myself with this podcast to get out of bed and into my car.

It is better if you love Bravo shows but I wouldn’t require them but these two woman are so funny, this pod could stand alone. I literally lol. They cover light politics, bravo shows, wellness and mental health and have amazing insights into all the bravolebrities.

My Favorite Murder

This could be under Crime Addicts but this is so much more more than your average, everyday True Crime genre. Georgia and Karen have struck gold with the perfect blend of horror, true crime and humor. I have listened from the beginning and I look forward to this pod every week. 

Awesome with Alison

I get Alison Faulkner. I get her vibe, her struggles, her dance moves and how crying under your desk is sometimes just a monthly pastime. The best thing about this podcast is that it is self-helpy without being too dry or lame. Alison and her husband give a lot of practical tips and keep things moving – I usually wish the episodes were longer. 


Crime Addicts


Some of the best story telling in podcast form. It is just so good. I specifically remember one episode in particular (The Editor) where I was ugly crying on the treadmill at the Y. I continued to walk so I could hear the end of the story (ps: That NEVER happens). Every episode is unique, from a different perspective and and covers a variety of topics. I have learned so much from this podcast. This would be my choice if I had to pick one pod to listen to forever. 

Up and Vanished

Real talk – I don’t think this is the best pod out there. I feel like at the beginning Payne (who is super likable) was trying to find his footing, trying to fill episodes and made some boring choices. What is so satisfying about this podcast is that it ACTUALLY reaches a conclusion. In a sea of real crime stories – I LOVE that I finally get some answers. I do think Payne should be recognized for his contribution to solving this case but I think he got really, really lucky that this story had a conclusion. That said – I was still addicted and I am really excited to the documentary to come out.

The Vanished

Don't confuse it with the title above. The narrator does a deep dive in to open, missing person cases. She examines that good, bad and scary and interviews friends and family members to get the best details possible. Beyond amazing interviews, it really shines a bright light on missing people and has had some amazing and heartbreaking updates.

Just F****** Brilliant

30 for 30 Podcast.

The 30 for 30 series may be the only way that I can even feign an interest in sports and the Podcast follows suit. The stories are amazing, the production value is amazing and they have a ton of content. Perfect for road trips or times you need a lot of material.

Where Should We Begin

This was recommended on Bitch Sesh and from a one sentence description I knew I would love it. Each episode is famed psychotherapist, Ester Perel's one session with a couple. And they y lay it all out there. It is so tastefully done and so deep that I get so much out of each session. The blend of therapy and venerability is so addicting. I am not in a relationship but this podcast really helps me examine a lot of my own feelings and relationships.

Honorable Mentions

Serial: Seasons 1 and 2

If you are new to podcasts start with Serial. I attribute it to putting podcasting on the map. It was the first podcast I listened to and I was desperate to get everyone listening, just so I had SOMEONE to talk about it with. Season 2 didn’t seem to get as much love –  I still think it was fabulous. It  made me think about so many things: military conditions and protocols and US presence in the Middle East and the war but in a very digestible way. I cannot recommend this podcast enough – you will be hooked.

Dirty John

This story got a lot of attention. It is so easy to identify and judge the players involced. It's a story about a toxic realtionship and trusting your gut. It is a quick listen, and you know something bad is coming - you just aren't sure what. Great for a binge listen. 

Whew! There they are, send me your opinions and suggestions. I am ready for some fresh options! 

The Utter Stupidity of a Pro/Con List